Eye On Gaming is a website dedicated to the hearts and minds of sports bettors everywhere.

In the summer of 2005, the late Ken Weitzner launched EOG (http://www.eog.com/) to connect discriminating gamblers with licensed bookmakers to promote the intellectual pursuit of sports betting. The dream came true when relationships were forged with many of the most trusted bookmakers.

The power of collective wisdom is on full display at EOG as bettors and bookmakers alike share the latest news and opinions on sports and specifically sports betting, our business model follows a two-part recruiting process: 1) Create authentic sports betting content to attract shrewd gamblers. 2) Provide a welcoming community to encourage frequent visits.

Eye On Gaming’s mission is to spotlight sports gambling — the highs and lows, the positives and negatives, the dangerous risks and thrilling rewards. Keeping an “eye on gaming” will be accomplished by asking our growing community of 50,000-plus members to share detailed reports on legal sports books monitoring the activities of the industry as a whole. Bettors will provide relevant gaming information, specifically in the first hour of wagering (before the market settles) and the last hour of wagering (before the market reacts).

Injury information, lineup changes, game plans and weather reports are a few of the many fields of concentration. We will follow not only the traditional American sports of football, basketball, and baseball, but also the popular international sports of soccer, boxing, golf, tennis, and cricket. Every gambler will be asked to graduate from the ranks of casual EOG visitor to active forum participant, contributing to the cause of sports bettors everywhere.

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