EOG holds multiple sports handicapping contests on a weekly basis. To view upcoming and past  contests visit this page HERE. If you would like to sponsor a contest please contact support(@)eog.com

Examples of Past Contests

Triple Threat contest

It features a $1,000 prize pool, and entry into the $1,000 EOG Grand Challenge, a 100% deposit bonus and a 70% reload bonus. Sign up before Monday, November 5th using promo code “EOGTriple.”

$10,000 EOG Invitational:

The EOG Invitational is a football handicapping contest featuring 16 handicappers battling over 15 weeks in single-elimination, head-to-head competition for a winner-take-all prize of $10,000.

The format for the competition is simple: contestants select seven games — pro games or college games, sides or totals — and the handicapper with the higher winning percentage from his seven selections advances to the next round of competition while his opponent is eliminated.

All one-on-one handicapping showdowns in The $10,000 EOG Invitational are heard on The EOG Sports Hour, a radio show dedicated to the hearts and minds of sports bettors everywhere, with contestants not only revealing their seven selections but also offering analysis for each play.

The EOG Sports Hour emanates from Las Vegas every weekday evening at 10:00 Pacific time on KLAV-AM 1230).

Each fall, the radio program devotes its Friday night time slot to air matches in The $10,000 EOG Invitational.

WVU, an advantage gambler residing in south Florida, won the inaugural event in 2011.

WVU donated half of his $10,000 prize to the Jessica June Child Cancer Foundation headquartered in Fort Lauderdale.

The 2011 field in the EOG Invitational included WVU’s fellow finalist Buskie, semifinalists Irish Tim and OSUCOWBOYS, ComptrBob, Micelli, Paul Bovi, High Times, Jeff Whitelaw, Alan Dinkenson, Cheapseats, Rainbow, Almost Allright, Doughboy, Cassius Clay and TryTryTry.

The 16 contestants combined to post a pointspread record of 120-85-5 for a winning rate of 58.5%.

The 2012 field for the $10,000 EOG Invitational features WVU, Buskie, ComptrBob, Alan Dinkenson, Rainbow, Arne Lang, Heim, Pantherman, WeinketoWarrick, David Glisan, Alf Musketa, Groovinmahoovin, Mike Greene, JakePeavy21 and Brady Kannon, the winner of the 2011 Hilton SuperContest.

EOG’s Grand Challenge:

EOG’s Grand Challenge is a monthly handicapping event which places a contributor from our online community in the spotlight with a chance to win $1,000.

The rules of EOG’s Grand Challenge are simple and straightforward.

The featured handicapper posts plays against the current numbers at Pinnacle.

The price of each play cannot exceed -110.

If the featured handicapper hits a win rate of 60% or better — 18 wins and 12 losses gets the job done — after posting a play a day over 30 days, the contestant will be awarded $1,000 compliments of EOG, hence the promotion’s name: EOG’s Grand Challenge.

$1,000 EOG/Bookmaker Poker Freeroll: EOG posters gather together on Tuesday evenings for a generous $1,000 Texas Hold’em Free Roll. Top 10 each week win money. Sponsor: Bookmaker.eu

$350 Weekend Prop Contest: Posters battle it out vs one another trying to record the most wins vs sides/totals/ and props over the course of the weekend: Sponsor: BetPhoenix Sportsbook (www.betphoenix.com)

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