WWE Backlash Sees Styles Take WWE Title – Sunday, Setpember 11th saw the WWE’s Heavyweight title change hands as AJ Styles defeated titleholder Deam Ambrose. For Stlyes, capturing the WWE’s premier belt is the culmination of his quick ascent to the top of the company.

Styles took the belt after a match that saw both men put there bodies on the line. The final sequence saw the referee temporarily incapacitated, and Styles scored a low blow that allowed him to apply his Styles Clash finisher for the win. The “cheat” at the end means tha tthe feud with Amvrose is likely to extend itself. The match came at the end of a lukewarm offering and the two men did a great job of trying to save the day.

The worst news of rhe PPV was the loss of the Bray Wyatt versus Randy Orton match, as Orton was reported to be hurt afte ra Wyatt backstage attack. The WWE substituted Kane at the last moment to take on Wyatt, and the ensuing match had no rules and very little heat. Both men made it a very physical match but the presence of Orton was missed. Orton did make a cameo that saw him hit his signature RKO move on Wyatt, giving Kane the win.

The women crowned their first event Smackdown women’s champion and the belt is going home with Becky Lynch. The ‘six pack” format that saw a half dozen women competing for the title was not used to its fullest capacity and the match ast times appeared stale and slow. Despte the presence of veterans Natalya and Nikki Bella, the WWE made the right choice selecting Lynch to carry the strap.


WWE Backlash Sees Styles Take WWE Title

Up next on the PPV calendar for the WWE will be the “RAW” brand and their first PPV titled “Clash of Champions” on September 25th live from Indianapolis, Indiana.


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