WWE Sets Goldberg vs Lesnar – The much talked about return to action of Bill Goldberg has finally come to fruition after twelve years of waiting.

Since he left there has been talk about the return of Goldberg, but earlier this year the rumour mill really got turned up when Goldberg appeared on the WWE’s 2k17 video game. Eventually it led to Brock Lesnar advisor Paul Haymon issuing a challenge to Goldberg, and this past week the big man returned to Monday Night raw to accept the challenge.

The appearance was well received. The two fought in the main event of Wrestlemania 20 and it is a match that is not remembered well. The fans were happy to see Goldberg, and he has been booked for several TV appearances in the build up to what is expected to be a clash at the Survivor Series PPV scheduled for Toronto on November 20th.

Lesnar has made his name off of being the unstoppable force, much like Goldberg did a dozen years ago. Where the sports books open a line for this match-up is anybody’s guess, however it would be unusual for Goldberg to agree to return jsut to become another victim on Lesnar’s list.


WWE Sets Goldberg vs Lesnar

This match-up, thoug hit will clearly be well scripted, is dangerous in some ways. Lesnar is a stiff, stiff worker as evidenced by his recent splicing of Randy Orton’s forehead with an elbow. then ther eis his showdown with the Undertaker where he nded the Dead Man’s winning streak at Wrestlemania, but ‘Taker collapsed backstage after a particularly strenous face off and he suffered a lot of general wear and tear in the build up to their match. Will the 49 year old who has not been in a WWE ring in a dozen years be able to handle Lesnar’s pressure?


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