WWE TABLES LADDERS AND CHAIRS 2016 – On December 4th at the American airlines Center in Dallas Texas, The Smackdown roster will be doing battle on their annual TLC PPV.  This six match card promises to be high flying and action packed. Here are the matches set for December 4th:


WWE Championship –  A.J Styles v. Dean Ambrose

This Table, Ladders and Chairs match should be fast paced and full of high risk moves.  I expect to see James Ellsworth at some point but I am hoping its brief and he’s knocked out cold early, allowing  an intense championship match with no interference to determine the true WWE Champion and finally put this saga to bed.


Women’s Championship – Becky Lynch v Alexa Bliss

These ladies will compete in a Tables match.  Last time these two met, Lynch scored the controversial win as Alexa Bliss had her foot under the rope but the referee didn’t see it.   Lynch was awarded the win.  Bliss pressed for a rematch and now she has another opportunity to prove she should be champion.  There should be some hard hitting action and a lot of broken tables in this one.


Intercontinental Championship – The Miz v Dolph Ziggler

The intercontinental championship will be decided in a Ladder match.  I expect to see a great deal of outside interference in this match by way of Miz’s wife Maryse and potentially others.  Even with the outside interference these two wrestlers will put on a match with moves that should make our jaws drop.


Nikki Bella v Carmella

This will be a No Disqualification match.  At Survivor Series, Bella was attacked back stage and unable to compete in her scheduled 5 on 5 match.  Although Carmella denies involvement, Bella thinks it was the doings of Carmella.  These two will square off and finally settle their score.  With the stipulation of no disqualifications, who knows what we may see.  Could the true attacker of Bella show up and cause some extra carnage?


Kalisto v Baron Corbin

This match is going to be a Chairs match.  Chairs matches make me happy because you can do so much with them and I expect Kalisto to do just that.  These two men have been at it for a long time by interfering in each other’s matches.  This match pits them one on one in a classic match of size versus speed with several chair shots to boot.



Tag Team Championship – Heath Slater and Rhyno vs Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton

After defeating American Alpha on Smackdown last week, Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt earned their spot as the challengers for the Smackdown Tag Team belts.  Randy has fit in nicely standing with Bray Wyatt and showing his allegiance at Survivor Series and then again last week against American Alpha.  I don’t think this allegiance will last long.  I expect a lot of controversy and a possible turn by Orton.  The match should be good but I anticipate it setting up future rivalries.

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