Below you’ll find EoG’s Live Lines feed for the MLB, complete with all different and standard Major League betting line types. Baseball games have a special volatile quality about them, which makes betting them something of a tricky ordeal. EoG can show you the ropes in the basics of MLB line logic.

Live Baseball OddsWhen wishing to bet on which team will win, the player can choose between a Moneyline value and the Run Line option. Both operate under somewhat different circumstances. Moneyline bets simply state the player’s intention that his/her will win; the more likely any one team is expected to win a game, the higher the Moneyline price. In the exact reverse, when betting on the Underdog, the more unlikely a team is to win, the higher the payout.


Moneyline bets have an additional two preconditions. The player may opt to list the Starting Pitcher for his team, the opposing team, both or neither. This is generally known as Action Betting vs. Listed Betting. “Action” refers to betting a Moneyline Baseball line without any regard as to who will pitch at the start of the game. When betting “Listed” the player is declaring that both/either starting pitcher(s) WILL IN FACT pitch at the beginning of the game. If said listed pitchers fail to pitch, then all “Listed” plays will be refunded. Always check your book’s particular baseball betting rules for more details.

Totals on MLB

Work as Total Bets for pretty much any other sports category: the player choses whether the combined score for both teams in a game will go Over or Under the defined Total value. Run Line Betting resembles Spread betting on Basketball/Football, except, traditionally, the line for Run Lines on Baseball sets at a fixed -1.5/+1.5. Players ought then to deduct the positive or negative value to the final total run score for his/her team. All Run Line bets are Listed Pitchers, no exceptions.

*The lines are regularly updated, however, we cannot guarantee they will reflect the present value of betting lines for any/all of our Site partners.

*The Lines Feed may also feature Future/Tournament Odds for the selected sport. Carefully read the title on top of each line listing for a better understanding of the lines shown.

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