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With EoG basketball betting lines and odds section you will find the best Line values as offered by our associates and most competitive SportsBooks in the market– Review them well, make your choices and always make an informed bet!

Welcome to EoG’s NBA Basketball Live Lines & Odds Feed!

NBA Odds SpreadsIN the case of NBA betting, the traditional taste speaks of the Spread Line Betting System. In it, the bettor chooses which one team –in any given NBA game- will win, however, there’s a catch to it! The player will find a negative (-) or positive (+) numeric value next to the team of his predilection, this value is what is known as the “Spread.” Depending on the outcome (score) of a game, if for instance the Warriors show a -10.5 value, the player ought to deduct –as determined by the minus value preceding the number- said number of points to the Warriors total score, if the Warriors still win with the subtracted points, then the wager wins. Half Points are used as levelling tools in order to prevent pushes.

NBA Total Scores

Are often very high numbers. When betting on totals simply add the combined score for both teams in a game. The player chooses on whether the Total Score will go Over OR Under that value. Next to Spread and Total Betting, players will encounter Moneylines. When betting on Moneylines, remember you’re betting on which team is to win the game (straight), opportunity which comes with a price tag attached to it. The more likely a team is expected to win, the higher Moneyline price. In the case of the Underdogs, the less likely a team is expected to win, the higher the payout.

*Lines below are regularly updated, however, we cannot guarantee they will reflect the present value of betting lines for any/all of our Site partners.

*The Live Lines Feed may also feature Future/Tournament Odds for the selected sport. Carefully read the title on top of each line listing for a better understanding of the lines shown.

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