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Is it Monday Night Football yet? EoG is happy to present you with its NFL Live Lines feed, consisting of the best available lines from our well-respected partners in sports betting. Football being America’s Favorite Pastime may fool you into thinking you can fully handle the lines below, we would however recommend you go over our brief description before you fully engage the sport.

NFL Live OddsNFL Games

 are full of unexpected turns and dramatic scoring, therefore the lines to fit them will always comply with the same edgy predicaments. For the most part, most players like to turn to the “Spread” System of Betting when addressing the National Football League. In Spread Betting, the player chooses which one team he believes might win any given game. The negative (-) or positive (+) values will symbolize the number of points the player ought to deduct/add to the final team’s score.

As with most other sports leagues, the Moneyline price is always an available and practical option. The Moneyline prices will vary per team on the basis of “favorite” or “underdog” status. The more favorite the team, the higher price for it. The underdogs tend to pay more for lesser quantities.

What would you guess the combined total score of the Patriots game to be? Total Betting allows the player to go Over or Under the predefined figure of the Total Scored points of the game.

*Lines are regularly updated, however, we cannot guarantee they will reflect the present value of betting lines for any/all of our Site partners.

*The Live Lines Feed may also feature Future/Tournament Odds for the selected sport. Carefully read the title on top of each line listing for a better understanding of the lines shown.

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