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What’s cooler than cool? Ice cold! Find next EoG’s select listing for NHL Live Lines, collected from our sponsors and best sports-betting partners. Hockey lines don’t differ much from all other traditional sports line types; at EoG we believe that an informed player makes better plays, so we’ve made sure to list some basic information to assist our readers in their understanding of the sport.

Hockey Odds

NHL Betting has one main feature which sets it apart from all other sports:

Moneyline vs. Puck Line betting

Like most other sports disciplines, the Moneyline type line offers the player with a straight-up bet type for choosing the winning team on any given game; the price increases when a team is considered to be too likely to win, and it increases the payout in the cases where the Underdog is expected to succumb.

Puck Lines

Are a “Spread” type line which require for a deduction/addition of a fixed -1.5/+1.5 points to the final score for the selected team. Next to the fixed point value, the player will also find a “point money” value, embodied by a Moneyline price. Prices vary in order to balance the odds for either one team to win. Any average NHL game will show a limited number of goals scored, which makes setting a Total Line value for this category a very complex task. The player can chose whether he/she believes any given Hockey game score will go Over or Under a set figure of combined goals.

*The lines are regularly updated, however, we cannot guarantee they will reflect the present value of betting lines for any/all of our Site partners.

*The Live Lines Feed may also feature Future/Tournament Odds for the selected sport. Carefully read the title on top of each line listing for a better understanding of the lines shown.

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