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Each Sport offers a wholly distinct betting scenario…

EOG comprises a collection of valuable and relevant Sports-Betting products, including Predictions, Game Reviews, Player Stats and much more! As superlative element within our wide-ranging offer, we present you with our Feed for Live Lines & Odds, provided and constantly updated by a professional team of associated Sportsbooks.

Whether you’re NFL or MLB fanatic, it is fundamental to fully comprehend the elements present in each sport, as well as the principles ruling the science of odds-making for every discipline. Not all sports offer similar total point counts or game duration policies, thus a healthy dose of self-education is regarded as primordial if wanting to succeed in the sportsbetting world.

Total Points in a Game & Favorite Team Spreads…

Sports Betting LinesEOG’s Live Lines will feature a related article to each sports category in the hopes of enhancing your know-how, involving elements characteristic of the individual sports, such as Action vs. Listed Pitchers on Baseball, Puck Lines in Hockey and Three-Way Betting for Soccer, among many other unique cases.

As general and practical rule of sports-betting, we can find Point Spreads and Moneylines to choose from when wishing to bet on whichever team will win a match, regardless of the sport; in both cases, there’s an edge –or a catch- added to the Line-type which can heavily influence the final outcome of your wager.

Point Spreads function as Favorite/Underdog levelers; think of an NBA game between the Cavaliers and Nets, where the Nets have a clear and decisive advantage. Handicappers will guess the point difference in the final score between said two teams. That digit will then appear as a Negative Number to the favorite, and an identical –yet- Positive Number on the underdog. Upon the final score, the player will need deduct/add that figure from his/her team’s final total points. Moneylines are somewhat simpler affair: mostly allowing the player to simply choose the winning side, at a cost.

The other most popular betting line style is Total Point Lines. Players make a call on whether a game will go either OVER or UNDER a certain figure. Handicappers –as expected- will predefine said number, coming as closely as possible to an accurate prediction.

EOG offers to you a detailed Live Lines Page for each Popular and Important Sports Category, allowing you to learn all there is about betting on each discipline. Check our varied sports categories above for their corresponding feed.

*Lines appearing in our Live Lines Section are regularly updated, however, we cannot guarantee they will reflect the present value of betting lines for any/all of our Site partners.

*The Live Lines Feed may also feature Future/Tournament Odds for the selected sport. Carefully read the title on top of each line listing for a better understanding of the lines featured.

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