Baseball 2017 Futures as Spring Training Opens – The 2017 spring training camps for major league baseball are underway. The 2016 World Series was historic in that it was won by the Chicago Cubs for the first time in more than 100 years.

Manager Joe Madden did a fine job of managing a talented team that was expected to do big things. The Chicago Cubs and their fans spent a 2016 season riding the typical ups and downs of a long baseball seasonal the way to the title. The big time comeback in the world series was a fitting capper to a feel good season.

Madden has retained the parts to make another run this year as the Cubs remain the most talent laden team in the league. This year the Cubs will have a clear target on their backs.

You have to ask yourself about that curse – did the Cubs really break the curse after more than 100 years? Can they really repeat them, or will any type of bump in the road result in the Cubbie faithful singing the blues?


Baseball 2017 Futures as Spring Training Opens

Below are the top 10 lines in MLB to win it all in 2017 as posted currently at the sports books. Obviously major changes via trade and free agency may occur, but right now the Cubs and the Boston Red Sox are neck and neck to win it all. Once the season opens we can look back at these for comparison. The thirdbest odds belong to the Cleveland Indians, the team the Cubs beat to win it all.

Chicago Cubs +400
Boston Red Sox +420
Cleveland Indians +800
Los Angeles Dodgers +950
San Francisco Giants +1050
Washington Nationals +1100
Houston Astros +1200
New York Mets +1300
New York Yankees +2200
Toronto Blue Jays +2200

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