Muhammed Lawal aka King Mo was the heavy favorite to beat Emanuel Newton in last night’s Bellator 90 event. The fight resulted in Emanuel Newton knocking out King Mo with a spinning back fist in the middle of the very first round. Lawal kept dropping his hands even though his opponent was throwing heavy hits, some of which were connecting.

King Mo’s career has definitely  taken another setback and he is going to have to go back to the drawing board if he wants anyone to consider him a serious light heavyweight contender. Muhammed Lawal’s pride  and pocket took a serious hit due to this fight. He not only lost out on the additional money he would have earned if he won, but will probably have a weaker mental game going into his next fight. MMA betters will think twice before laying their money on King Mo and the sportsbooks will have closer lines in his next fight. As it stands he is no longer ranked in anyone’s top ten rankings for MMA light heavyweights.

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