WWE Raw PreviewWith less than a month, can the WWE reform the plot lines and action so that Wrestlemania XXX can approach or even exceed the level of it’s predecessors? Several of the more marquee matchups are suffering from a lack of drama and prematch hype. Even the quality B teamers like the Uso’s and the Shield are in limbo heading into this WWE Raw. They have three hours to wow us or it will be another week of fretting on how to save Wrestlemania XXX from being botched.

Occupy Raw

The more rabid element of the fan base are venting their frustrations with the organization during the first ten minutes or so during every WWE Raw. At each stop comes a renewed and intense blast of CM Punk and other chants that the WWE has to end up muting at the start of every Monday night. The result is that the first promo or match is devoid of audience noise. It is like viewing the action unfold in a vacuum or in a bubble. The attempt at this highjacking is laughed at by the WWE and is even mentioned by Trips in one of the promos last week. Only by decreasing viewership will the organization feel the pressure to improve like it did during the Monday Night Wars.

Andre the Giant Battle Royal to Be in the Pre Show at WM XXX?

The largest legend they have ever had in the company is being paid homage by having a battle royal held in his honor. This is an excellent way to showcase talent, get more people involved in the PPV, and fill up some of the four hours. Rumor has it that this match may very well be moved to the free pre show before the opening bell of Wrestlemania. Dumbstruck I was when I heard this as it seems to have no rationale reasoning. Very few impulse buys would happen by having this or any other match for free. The question to pull the trigger on this very expensive night will not be made because the battle royal convinced those on the fence to invest in a quality night’s entertainment.

The Problem with Orton and Batista is…

The feud was exhaustively done back in the days when Evolution ruled the WWE. Randy and Dave are both heels and still on decent terms with the Authority. The same storylines that were solved a decade ago is not going to cut it. The only redemption for this match would be Bryan’s inclusion. It will not help the buy rate keeping him out until he wins at WM against HHH. There is no amount of talking or promos that could overcome this. It is too bad that the Billion Dollar princess is a little too past it to take a bump because a surprise RKO or Batista Bomb would stir the mix and gain this stale plot line new life.

Most PPV Appearances (WWE(F), WCW, and ECW)

Some of the surprises come from the biggest of stars not being very high on the list. Naturally Taker, Kane, and HBK all rank near the very top. The Big Show was number three on the list which is a testament to his ability and shape. The shocks start coming in when Jericho and Mysterio have considerably more appearances than Cena, Stone Cold, Rock, HHH, and even Hogan. Plot lines, health, and the ability to have fans both root for and against you seem to be the characteristics that the top stars have over the others that did not make as many PPV appearances.

The PG era is killing the potential for those above the age of twelve. Wyatt being pitted against Superman seems to be a career kill. The Usos will have to keep the Old Age Outlaws in the match. Even the use of the gorgeous flesh that AJ Lee has been wasted in facing the cross dressing Snuka. The stars are stale. Even the Undertaker match has us all scratching our heads as to why he is facing Lesnar. Tune in at 8PM tonight on USA to see how the WWE can cure its WM woes.

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