Cavs Looking To Go Up 2-0 On Celts Friday – LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers have become a juggernaut in the playoffs and they handled the Celtics 117-104 in the opener of the Eastern Conference finals. The Cavaliers were resting after two back to back sweeps in the opening rounds while the Celtics found themselves surviving a dog fight against the Washington Wizards.

The Cavs are back in Boston Friday night for Game 2 and by now they realize this is a more focused and determined Cavaliers team than they had seen in the regular season. Boston fought hard at the end of the season to surpass the Cleveland Cavaliers as the east’s number one seed and they came out and lost the home field advantage back to Cleveland in the very first game. So much for the number one seed.

Cleveland may come out a bit more relaxed in game 2 and the Celtics could pull out a win, signalling that the series may be hard on both teams in the long haul. Cleveland may not be saying it publicly but they are looking for the most efficient path to the finals and that means a sweep. If they can go 2-0 in Boston then the sweep and the rest it could give them will be a tempting motivator for what is now a veteran team.

The Celtics have netted the number 1 pick in the college draft adding to the bright outlook for the future. But this team chose to step up and try and make a run this year and they are at risk at being swept back into the pack by James and the Cavs.


Cavs Looking To Go Up 2-0 On Celts Friday

Cleveland Cavaliers at Boston Celtics – Eastern Conference Finals – Game 2
Cleveland Cavaliers -5½ -110 -230 o220 -110 o112½ -110 u112½ -110
Boston Celtics +5½ -110 +190 u220 -110 o107½ -110 u107½ -110

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