Cavs and Warriors Heading For Another Showdown – The number one seeded Golden State Warriors and the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers are both sitting at home resting while the rest of the NBA’s playoff field slog it out in the conference semi-finals. Both teams met in last year’s finals and it looks more and more like we are going to get a rematch this year.

The Spurs and Rockets in the West and the Wizards and Celtics in the East find themselves in series that have turned into dog fights while the front runners are resting.


Cavs and Warriors Heading For Another Showdown

The Warriors are going to be favored heading into the finals against anyone, even James and the Cavaliers. The team is a machine when it gets going and they have too many options for any one team’s defense to stop when things are going well. Their head coach Steve Kerr is suffering from an illness that has him on the sidelines, but even that serves as a motivation for them. The fact that interim coach Mike Brown once coached the Cavs and Lebron James himself perhaps gives them another intangible.

LeBron James has appeared to be resting at times, gathering himself for what he now understands is the grind of the playoff run. The team went a good, not great 51-31 during the regular season and even allowed the East’s number one seed to slip through their fingers down to the Boston Celtics. James has been on his “A’ game since the start of the playoffs, like he pressed a button. Unfortunately for James and the Cavs, they are not the only team who seems to have hit on the formula.

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