NBA Odds To Win It All on Playoff Eve – The NBA is in the final stretch of their 2016-2017 season as the playoffs have started.

The top team record wise and the owner of the home field advantage throughout the playoffs is the Golden State Warriors, and it isn’t surprising that they have the best odds to win it all for the second time in the last three seasons.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are defending champions and they have the current second best set of odds to win it all. The Cavs dipped to a number two seed in the East losing out on the best recor dto the Boston eltics but come the playoff grind the Cavs are still the team to beat.Boston and Cleveland in the Eastern Coference finals could come down to a grinding seven game series that could see Cleveland regret their late season swoon.

The Spurs clearly emerged as the second best team in the league and their potential showdown with the Warriors will determine which team heads into the finals as the favorite.

The Celtics and Rockets trail by a long distance in the #4 and #5 spots. The Celtics did beat out the Cavs of the best record in the East but the team as it is constituted is still considered to be a superstar away from true contention. They will try to prove the naysayers wrong and the Rockets are trying to prove you an succeed in the playoffs without playing any defense,


NBA Odds To Win It All on Playoff Eve

Below are the best five odds currently at one of the major sports books for this year’s NBA playoffs.

Golden State Warriors -178
Cleveland Cavaliers +405
San Antonio Spurs +1075
Boston Celtics +2650
Houston Rockets +2900

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