Warriors Texas Bound Up 2-0 on The Spurs – The Spurs made the Warriors sweat it out in the opener of the NBA’s Western Conference finals but the Warriors escaped wit a 113-111 win against the best road team in the NBA during the regular season. Game three is Saturday in san Antonio.

But beating the Warriors may be too tall an order for the Spurs in 2017. Game 2 was not close as the Warriors won by 36 points. The bottom line is that losing point guard Tony Parker and MVP candidate Kawhi Leonard is going to be too much for the Spurs to overcome against a team that is clicking on all cylinders.

The Spurs are capable of regrouping at home. After two seasons of looking tentative, LaMarcus Aldridge has finally shown flashes in the playoffs and the Spurs have Pau Gasol, Mau Ginobili and their usual unsung bench that they can count on. Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry now have the benefit of the entire regular season under their belts and they are playing their best basketball of the year. Can the Spurs win 1 is the question.

More and more the expected Warriors vs Cavaliers final looks like it will come to fruition. Neither team has lost in the playoffs and if both teams get to the finals after three sweeps that is probably the first and last time we will see that happen. The Cavs may have trouble doing that against the Celtic because it is an even match-up but if the Warriors can sweep the Spurs they will be sending a message before the finals.


Warriors Texas Bound Up 2-0 on The Spurs

Golden State Warriors at San Antonio Spurs – Western Conference Finals – Game 3
Golden State Warriors -5½ -110 -230 o212½ -110 o109 -110 u109 -110
San Antonio Spurs +5½ -110 +190 u212½ -110 o103½ -110 u103½ -110

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