You don’t have to be a Wharton MBA to understand one thing about financial investments—it would be foolish to even consider an investment without up-to-the minute information. Unfortunately, for many people that obvious concept doesn’t extend to the sports betting marketplace. Many gamblers make large financial ‘investments’ without monitoring the latest and most relevant data from the bookmaking ‘marketplace’. Bettors frequently make the mistake of placing a bet without knowing if they’re getting the best price available, something that could easily be avoided simply by checking the up-to-the minute ‘valuation’.

Making money in sports betting is a difficult job which is why professionals work overtime to give themselves every possible advantage. One of the easiest ways for a bettor to improve their ‘bottom line’ is to compare the latest odds or pointspread from the wide variety of sportsbooks online. Getting the best price on a regular basis can turn losses into ‘pushes’ and wins, meaning that even with the same level of handicapping a bettor will be more likely to turn a profit over the long term.

This is why professionals are willing expend the time and effort to shop for the best price available—it is an elementary way to secure the best financial position available. Anyone with an understanding of basic money management or gambling theory understands that the ‘house’ wants to maintain their ‘edge’ over the player. Anything that accrues even small percentage advantages in the player’s favor are significant and quickly add up to give the sharp bettor an edge.

Professional sports bettors are willing to pay hundreds of dollars a month to get live line information. At this level this isn’t a frivolous luxury, but a necessary tool of doing business—it’s an investment in quality information in the same way that the financial markets rely on live stock quotes and Bloomberg terminals.

The Internet has been a ‘game changer’ in countless industries, sports betting included. The cost of top notch sports information including live line services and betting specific statistical matchups has dropped dramatically to the point that even a moderate sized player can afford them. Additionally there is no shortage of free information—albeit of varying quality—available online. You definitely ‘get what you pay for’ when you rely on some of these free resources, but there are some ‘diamonds in the rough’ that provide excellent information.

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