New Gambling Laws in New JerseyThe State of New Jersey has been trying for the past few years to alter its gambling laws to reflect a more liberal attitude. Such a strategy has been pursued because the state wanted to try and develop new revenue streams from gambling. Any seasoned gambler from the UK would be able to tell you that online casinos would be the logical way of adding a new stream of revenue, but stringent anti-gambling laws have prevented this from happening. However, all of that appeared ready to change when the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, signed a bill in February 2013 to pave the way for online gambling.

When the bill was signed, Christie made New Jersey the third state in the US to make internet gambling legal (Nevada and Delaware are the other two states). The way that the bill will work is that players will have to register accounts with casinos in Atlantic City as these will be the operators of the online casino sites. This is the biggest historic change to gambling in the state since the very first casino was legalized in Atlantic City in 1978. Now the future has finally arrived and we are all set for exciting changes ahead.

To make the legalization more palatable to the politicians and the general public, the bill came with a ten-year trial period that needs to be completed before online betting can be made permanent. A further element of the bill that has had a similar effect is the news that the taxable rate on online winnings will be increased from ten per cent to 15 per cent. The Governor realized that money is being lost to offshore operators who are unregulated and untaxed. He hopes that this move will safeguard the future of Atlantic City as a tourist location and encourage new players to visit.

At last it appears that US online casinos may now be able to return from the dead. In the past, sites like PartyPoker and Bodog were kicked out of the US and then had to face up to lawsuits and fines for providing online gambling to players. But don’t expect sites to make a speedy return as currently New Jersey is limiting online operations to land-based casinos. It may take some time before it is widely accepted that online gambling, in general, should be legalized.

People in New Jersey seem to realize that gambling can be used to help improve their state. New Jersey and Atlantic City are still recovering from the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The people and politicians both see online gambling as the chance to direct revenue to revitalize the region. Now all that needs to be done is for players to start enjoying the fact that they can play online casino games. Players searching for a new online casino have a considerable amount of choice, but there are sites like around to help. It is always useful to compare welcome deals, promotions and games before joining.

It’s uncertain whether the trial period of the new gambling laws in New Jersey will be completed successfully, and whether online gambling will take a permanent place in the state. However, online gamblers hope that more states will follow in New Jersey’s footsteps, and online gambling will be accepted nationwide.

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