Top 5 NASCAR Fights of All TimeNASCAR is a great sport filled with plenty of heart racing action and nerve wracking tension. It is that kind of tension that can cause fights on and off the track.. Here is a look at the Top 5 NASCAR Fights of All Time.

5. Kevin Harvick vs. Ricky Rudd, Richmond International Raceway, 2003.

Ricky Rudd started this skirmish as he bumped Kevin Harvick during a race at the International Raceway in 2003. After being knocked out of the race, Harvick waited and watched as he took his car and maneuvered right next to Rudd in pit row and that is when the fireworks began. The mini altercation from the top of racecars is good enough to make this race the No. 5 throw down in the top five fights of all time in NASCAR.

4. Robby Gordon vs. Michael Waltrip vs. the field, New Hampshire Motor Speedway, 2005.

The No. 4 fight was puzzling at best. After Michael Waltrip wrecked Robby Gordon during a caution, it was obvious that retribution would be had, but no one thought it would happen like this. Gordon actually walked right into the middle of the track during the race! Gordon was nearly hit as he was trying to get his point across that he was not pleased with the turn of events.

3. Jeff Gordon vs. Matt Kenseth, Bristol Motor Speedway, 2006.

Jeff Gordon is a very intimidating racer on the track, but not so much off the track. One of the most interesting fighting techniques in the top 5 fights of all time features Gordon vs. Matt Kenseth. Kenseth turned Gordon on the last lap and Gordon went after Kenseth in pit row, but left his helmet on during the altercation!

2. Tony Stewart vs. Joey Logano, Auto Club Speedway, 2013.

The most recent fight between Denny Hamlin, Tony Stewart and Joey Logano has automatically jumped to the top of the charts. Logano spun out Hamlin, injuring the racer and sending him to the hospital. This ignited Stewart, who confronted Logona and fisticuffs ensued! This fight incited a mini brawl on pit row and is the main reason it has become the No. 2 NASCAR fight of all time.

1. Cale Yarborough vs. Donnie Allison, Daytona International Speedway, 1979

Back in the days the fights were much more gruesome in NASCAR and that is why the Cale Yarborough vs. Donnie Allison fight in 1979 ranks as the best fight in NASCAR history. The race happened at the Daytona 500 and led to one of the best infield fights in history!

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