The 2013 NFL preseason is underway and plenty of teams are practicing and looking for different ways to improve their team so when they go to the regular season they will be ready to play good and look good. The cheerleading squads around the league are doing the same thing.

With several good squads around the league, here is a quick look at some of the best.

Oakland Raiders: The fans’ love of the Raiderette cheerleaders never wavered, and they have remained “Football’s Fabulous Females” through all the ups and downs.  “The Oakland Raiderettes’ are the hottest NFL squad this season,” said fans. “Their performances are exciting and thrilling to watch. Their hard work is obvious at every game, and that kind of commitment is very special.” The team is playing so poorly, they at least can be excited about the cheerleaders.

Dallas Cowboys: There is no more popular and more recognized cheerleading squad than the Dallas Cowboys. This is a squad that dates back to 1960 and originally had male members on the team. That quickly disappeared and since then the Cheerleaders have toured the world putting on good shows and entertaining the fans.

New England Patriots: It may be cold in New England but the sidelines are always hot with some of the best cheerleaders in the National Football League. Ellen Mahoney, chief human resources officer at Harvard Business School, is a former New England Patriots cheerleader in the 1980s. That means that this squad is not only easy on the eyes but they always recruit some smart cheerleaders to lead the fans on during the game.

Like the players they cheer for, the cheerleaders that do the best jobs get an invite to the Pro Bowl. Last year it was held in Hawaii and the Video shows them showing their stuff for the fans during the fun filled game.

2013 ProBowl Cheerleaders

With cheerleaders like this, the teams will play very well and the fans will be very excited to go to the field and watch the NFL season kickoff. Enjoy the show!

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