Patriots Upend Falcons in Thriller – The Atlanta Falcons blew a big lead in the final minutes of Suer Bowl LI, losing to the New England Patriots 34-28.

As much as Matt Ryan and Julio Jones tried, and they made it a 28-3 lead roughly halfway through the third quarter, it was not enough against Brady and the Pats.

It all started with the Falcons up 28-12,. A sack and fumble by league MVP Facon QB Matt Ryan, who was hit by Donta Hightower to cause the turnover. You could see Bill Belichik and Tom Brady take notice on the sideline. Down 21-3 at halftime, they thought they still had a chance and they never stopped believing.

The turnover would lead to a quick Pats score and two point conversion to make it 28-20. The Falcons on the next drive moved the ball wellat first but stalled and a sack and a penalty saw them fall out of FC range and punt after a failed 3rd and 33. The Pats drove down the field 91 yards to see James White run the ball in from a yard out and Danny Amendola convert the two point conversion.

Once the overtime started the pendelum had swung and the Falcons, who played with confidence on both sides of the ball, were deflated (get it, deflated?). Meanwhile Brady, Belichik and company all new overtime was there time.

Patriots Upend Falcons in Thriller

Patriot QB Tom Brady certainly set himself apart with the comeback. He has now won five Super Bowls, more than any other QB. He has 4 Super Bowl MVPs in his trophy case and the 25 point comeback was the greatest in Super Bowl history. Though entering this season the Pats signal caller was the oldest starting QB in the league and despite that the Pats are looking to extend his contract. So there might still be a few years of Tom Brady left.

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