Ryan vs Brady – Who You Got? -At this point, the books have Atlanta Falcon QB Matt Ryan as a huge favorite to win the NFL’s league Most Valuable Player Award for his stellar year guiding the Birds to the Super Bowl.

For the final game of the season however, Ryan will face Tom Brady. Brady is now the oldest starting QB in the league, but he has been to the Super Bowl before (a lot) and he has dominated in Super Bowls and Ryan has done none of that. Brady seems more primed than ever as he took the first four weeks off to rest and eat up a suspension, and he returned to have a terrific year. The bottom line is for all his success, Brady has had a lot of near misses as well, and last year’s failure to make the Super Bowl seems to be a motivating factor for a Patriot team that has to think about Brady’s legacy.

Matt Ryan is going to have to play the game of his life under the pressure of his first Super Bowl, and he may be all that stands int he way of Tom Brady winning a fifth Super Bowl and a fourth Super Bowl MVP title.


Ryan vs Brady – Who You Got?

Sure anyone player can technically win the Super Bowl MVP award, and the books have lines for other players available as well. Heading into the game though, the odds on favorite to win the MVP trophy is Tom Brady, not likely league MVP Matt Ryan.

NFL Propositions – Super Bowl LI MVP
T.Brady wins Super Bowl MVP -110
Field wins Super Bowl MVP -130

M.Ryan wins Super Bowl MVP +180
Field wins Super Bowl MVP -260

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