Wildcard Whitewashes Raiders and Lions – Two long suffering franchises that put together seasons filled with hope in 2016 saw their runs come crashing to a halt in the opening wildcard round of the NFL playoffs this past Saturday.

After many seasons of just bad football, the Oakland Raiders had found a savior in QB Derek Carr, who heading into the final weeks of the season was firmly in the league’s MVP discussions. When Carr went down with an injury, the Raiders were instantly left with diominished hopes as they were being guided by little used Matt McGloin. An injury to McGloin left the Raiders starting rookie Connor Cook this past Saturday against the Texans. The Raiders were down early and Cook did not have a Carr-like comeback in his arm as the Raiders went out 27-14.

A season where the Raiders were back to their old selves (remember “We Dominate”) after many years came to a crashing halt at the hands of this year’s worst playoff team. That wasn’t the storybook ending the Raider fans wanted for this season.


Wildcard Whitewashes Raiders and Lions

The Detroit Lions were in the catbird’s seat with three games left in the season, going 9-4 to build up a nice lead over the division. The Lions would drop the last three games of the season, including a painful 31-24 loss to Green Bay in the finale at home that gave the packers the divisional crown and sent the Lions into the wildcard slot reeling.

That would have been the first divisional title for the Lions in more than two decades, and they let it slip through their fingers. Three losses in a row too three other teams tha tmade th eplayoffs this year did not bode well for the Lions, and they went out 26-6 with barely a whimper, allowing the Seahawks to look like they have retutrned to Super Bowl form.

Wildcard Whitewashes Raiders and Lions / Check out more boxing news and features at The Sweet Science.

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