Beijing ATP’s 500 final vs. Nadal.

Djokovic, the Serbian hectic hexa-champ gave a tennis interruptus to Nadal, Spain’s rep on the China Open 2015. Part of the ATP circuit that took place in Beijing, and now heading to Shanghai Masters, as an emperor that won in Peking and looking forward to a new champ title – even if he’s a mere 19-3 on hard-court lead rank for this new episode of the tournaments season.  It is the 45th time they face each other. Two years ago, Djokovic won 6-3, 6-4, and since then he has won six of the last seven meetings against the Manacorí.



Before the final, Nadal told his ATP handlers: “I know today Novak is not in my league; he has been on a different level to me this year. So for me to be in the final is great news and tomorrow is a match to try to enjoy and try to play the way that I want to play, and we’ll see.”

Well, it didn’t go that well for the Spaniard since the beginning. Nadal had several issues trying to hit back his former nemesis’ racket genius and controlled backhands and serves. His returns weren’t penetrating enough to intimidate Djokovic, who’s been lately shocking us on how he has been making it look extremely easy for him to win sets. Pouring wins!



On the other hand, the so-called “King of Clay” was just a shadow of a titan on the court that he once was…He got beaten in just AN HOUR AND A HALF by a double 6-2 before the unforgiving Novak on this 45th edition of this ATP’s classic.

Nadal was starting off on the wrong foot; it seems later on he needed to be taken care of by the court’s physiotherapist, as he said “I don’t know, I don’t know” or “No sé, no sé” in Spanish. While responding to what was going on with him. Not a good omen. He asked for medical assistance when it was his turn to serve on 0-30, and it was a downward spiral from there, that made eventually Nadal fall before Nole, the Beast of Beijing. Sometimes, I recover from injuries. This time what I had, with my not having the control of my nerves or my emotion, is like coming back from an injury, too,” he told the media.”It’s not a physical injury, but it’s a mental injury. And this for me is another challenge.”

Some may say that Nadal’s loss is due to his physical strength reaching his limit and that he isn’t that talented; some say it’s because of Novak’s abilities on cement-based courts that brought in his victory and one of the reasons for being the unbeatable racket God lately. A few just say Nadal should go to therapy and/or yoga himself and his emotional stability once and for all.

What are your thoughts on this?

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