Omni bases 8/29. Let's keep a rollin

Trying to keep my undefeated EOG streak going!

San Francisco -130 (WSEX): I'm gonna go with Cain getting his first major league start in this one. He's a good strikeout pitcher. Also I like going against Kim and and the Rockies on the road. I think Cain goes all out and pitches well in his major league debut, and the Giants get some runs off of Kim and keep a rollin to their 3 win in a row.

That's it for right now. Maybe more later.
One more official (but very square looking) play for today.

Yanks -1 1/2 -125: I think Mussina bounces back strong from his last bad outing, and the Yanks keep the wins coming, hopefully by more than one run. Franklin not very good lately, so that gives me an actual good reason to think that the Yanks will score off him enough and combined with Mussina hopefully pitching well allows me to take the runline (BTW I usually avoid runlines, and if I play one I always recommend that you have an actual REASON for playing the RL than just the matchup looks good. You need to have a good arguement that your team will put up enough runs against the other guys or else you're playing into a very bad bet IMO).

I was VERY tempted to add the Chi Sox, but I just can't pull the trigger.

Good luck today everyone!

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Well, the undefeated streak at EOG has ended, with the Giants wasting a good start by Cain and somehow only getting one run off Kim (BTW the Home plate ump was really squezing the Giants pitchers. The Rockies second run came a few plays after after a strike call to Helton was called a ball because "he's Todd Helton" and Helton then drew a walk). I did really like Cain's performance in this game, and I'll be looking to see what kind of price he gets in his next outing.

The good news is that because of the Yanks play it's a 1-1 split on the day, losing only -.3 on the juice.

San Francisco -130 = Loss

Yanks -1 1/2 -125 = Win

Official EOG record now stands at 5-1, +4.22 units. Not bad at all...